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Color block this Spring?!

Color block!
Spring is almost here!! And this spring screams color block. One can’t help but feel happy pairing bright hues together. Would you wear it like it is? Or does it make you feel like an attention getter, in an Ican’tmakemymindwhichcolortowearsoIworeitall way? Is this trend only good for the catwalk and magazines? What does your spring wardrobe consist of? are bright colors your thing? I know, so many questions! Would love to hear back from you guys 🙂

Carven satin top
€230 –

Zara platform shoes
$90 –

Assad Mounser facets jewelry
$300 –

$97 –

Miss Selfridge cotton scarve
$25 –

New York Road Bums

I’ve had the privilege of doing many remarkable things in my life. Meet Nelson Mandela, see the World Cup trophy in person and marry Mrs. Muzzylim come to mind. (Not in that rank order mind you). And just when it feels like asking for more would be downright greedy winter 2011 happened.
Being told we’re not going to be able to make it abroad to visit family was a kick in molars. But our backup ended up being two weeks in New York city. Queens specifically. Earlier in the year we were fortunate enough to get eleven days in the summer there – fully expecting that to be one of the last times we’ll get that extended a period of time to stuff our faces, eyes and ears with the sensorial smorgasbord that is NYC. As such we blitzkrieged NYC with like we were looting it. This time we took a different tact. No shopping, just food. Many a meal later we’ve returned to Blacksburg.
I’ve joked with Mrs. Muzzlylim (half seriously) that we ate so much amazing food that I feel like a goose engorged for foie gras. I’ve replaced the low quality fat for fine sea urchin, caviar and lobster. If eaten my cannibal would swoon with pleasure when they hit that fat pocket that owes its existence to Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding (not unlike I am in thinking about it now).
A lot of people have a lot of different feelings when it comes to New York – and that’s really kind of the point of any great city. That wandering in is such a vast and diverse experience that you take your own bespoke labyrinth through it. Yet there’s a pretty safe bet it will leave you altered – hopefully for the better.
There is just no way we’re going to encapsulate all of that in a single post – which is why we’ll spend time blogging about it in doses over the next few weeks (and probably months knowing our pace 😛 )
The one larger realization of a trip like this for me is simple and quite corny. The right to travel and experience the world is a gift. Getting to travel and experience the world with someone you love is a blessing. Mrs. Muzzylim is a road bum I am honored to travel with. Footsore yet game. It’s symbolic that the capper of this trip was us celebrating our two year anniversary at the end of it. I can think of no better way to ring in a new year of our marriage together than by being exhausted from two weeks of great experience – and together. 🙂
Love to my wife of two years and my companion of two amazing New York romps.
– Mr. Muzzylim
PS: A special thanks to Bhai and Bhabi for opening up their homes and their hearts to us, their fly by night house guests. You are, simply, the best.

Happy Birthday to my home of 19 years

Though visiting U.A.E last year in December 2010 with Mr.muzzylim as a married woman was quite unreal, I did love each and every moment of our visit. Here’s a little trip down the memory lane and paying tribute to a country now celebrating 40 years on 2nd December 2011. Here’s to U.A.E.

Photographs courtesy Mr.Muzzylim, Nabil Fahim and me.

Replacing this


I have been listening to Kolaveri on the loop for a week now, humming it, dancing to it and changing lyrics to make my own version, there is nothing wrong with that but I decided to give it a break and replace it with my former song addiction.

Moral of the post- I am still an addict relapsing to a previous song addiction. #FAIL.

We can spend hours at end in here….

……and we did.

The soft lighting and the decor just adds to the dreaminess of this place….

I wanted to jump in the pile just like Uncle Scrooges signature dive into his money!

We both didn’t want to leave. ever.

By the time we were leaving we figured we would like nothing more but to own a bookshop just like this once we retire. Spending day in and day out in our small dream shop.


Drum Rolls

Introducing The Ravenna!

Though I swore not to get caught up in the UGG’s trap I have to admit I have been successfully seduced by the ravenna. They were unlike so many other boots that I had tried on, the tall riding boots I felt were too flat and didn’t look pretty, the other dressier boots were difficult to put on and take off, Mr. Muzzylim had to help peel the boots off, some had a weird zipper on the side, some pinched the ankle. Finally when Mr.Muzzylim grabbed me these to try on I was hesitant at first but loved them the minute I put my feet in to them…not only were they comfortable and easy to walk in but also fit my dream boots slot. Although they are way out of my price range collecting for these lookers doesn’t seem too bad an idea. 🙂

Update: Mr.Muzzylim surprised me by gifting me the dreamy pair in stout and my are they gorgeous!!! I pranced around the house wearing them and even contemplated sleeping in them…but Mr.Muzzylim convinced me otherwise. Will update you guys on how the UGG’s hold up in the coming months 🙂

Marriage Brand Management 101

We all know that marriage takes work. But how often have you heard someone say:

“But they’re supposed to be in the Honeymoon Period???”

Let me clarify that myth. There is NO Honeymoon. Sure there are fun things about the early days. (Wow I really do have new and interesting insight about Neverending Story and Electric Company! Thanks for loving that about me!) But there are some darn tough things too. (Wait what do you mean by these eggs are delicious??? You hate them don’t you?!)

A wee bit into our marriage I realized that never changes. You’ll always have some things that take a little effort – and some things that’s are thankfully effortless. Whether you’ve been married a day or a decade.

So I implore you – those of you that have unmarried siblings, friends or bystanders that you hear say things like “aren’t the early days supposed to be easy?!?” – tell them sure. But it’s also supposed to be work at the same time.

If you get married expecting not to be challenged, to be pushed – you’re not expecting the right things.

But by the same token – you’ll be shocked at how easy some things you expected to be difficult just disappear into the ether (I could never share a bathroom or I can’t be one of those people that spends hours in the kitchen etc. etc.).

So maybe what I think you should advocate to people not in to know – the Honeymoon Period never ends!

If you look at things the right way.