Blogging Bliss

Mrs. Muzzylim: “We should start a blog!”

Mr. Muzzylim: “Ok – about what?”

Mrs: I don’t know. Us!

Mr: But what about us is worth reading about?

Mrs: I don’t know. Anything… and everything!

Mr: :-/. ok.

When you get married you get used to these kinds of conversations. Two people rarely start off on the same wavelength about anything. It’s just not possible. The long and windy paths you traveled to get to be married mean that the way you process has to be different. Someone really smart once said “All marriages are a marriages of two cultures”.

And that’s where this blog comes in.

Me and Mrs. Muzzylim have been married for a little over a year and half. We both grew up as Mid-Desis (people from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh raised in the Mid-East), now live in a small south eastern town in America. We realized that every relationships journey is interesting. The way you build a bridge between the two different ways of seeing the world, and figuring out what you want to get out of it is a common experience and is one we would’ve love to have had as began our marriage.

We’re both practicing Muslims and are constantly looking for ways to be that much better in our faiths. One of the ways we’ve grown together is realizing we share a similar perspective on Islam. We love how this is a faith embraces being part of the world you live in. And if you do your job right – improve it as a result of your being Muslim. In this day and age we’re constantly seeing people discuss what it means to be Muslim and how to preserve that identity. We’re definitely not equipped to engage in that conversation from a scholarly perspective. But in our own clumsy way we’re working on our own identities – ones we’re not taking too seriously – thus Muzzylims.

We hope you enjoy this blog – we’re not sure what it’s going to evolve in to but we do hope that it’s another way for Mrs. Muzzylim and me to bridge the two cultures, celebrate our marriage and reflect on the journey of being Muzzylims in the world today.


One thought on “Blogging Bliss

  1. awesome start…am loving each and every post….and it also sounds like you guys:-)
    and yr two peas in a pod feeling or rather “soulmate” feel is making me mushy!….siiiiiigh!!
    keep at it guys…
    luv you

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