Ramadan Cookies

We got inspired by our friend and fellow blogger’s Eid cookies post and decided to bake some for our neighbors too. And this led to Ramadan Cookies being born..Though the cookie making process was a whole day affair, it was well worth it. We enjoyed this process so much that we decided to share the recipe and some tips on when and if you want to make a batch of your own. Below are a few pictures of the cookies packed and ready to be given out.

Maamoul Recipe

Prep Time- 9 hours

Cooking Time- 20 mins

Total time- 9 hrs 20 mins


3 cups smolina

1 cup flour

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 cup + 3/4th cup butter

3 tea spoons or less cookie spice (Habash)- add according to your preference

1 cup warm milk

2 packs date filling it can also be substituted by walnut or pistachio.

And a mamoul mold (you can get it at a local arabic store)

The process:

Combine semolina, flour, powdered sugar in a large bowl.

Add the butter. Mamoul tend to be buttery therefore the amount.

Mix well and add milk little by little and stop once the dough is moist enough.

Leave the mamoul dough overnight at room temperature.

How to incorporate date and the rest of the ingredients you ask!

Heres a video :

Bake for 20 mins at 350 F or till the cookies are light brown in color.

(Recipe courtesy our friend Saba K)


3 thoughts on “Ramadan Cookies

  1. awesum!!!! will try as soon as i get d time..(these days am shamming) dont reaally get the time to do much baking but will try and make as soon as my two munchkins start school!
    btw love the packaging!

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