Mr.Muzzylim Surprises..

me with zip-lining right before the month of Ramadan was about to begin. And what a fine day that was. The sun was shining down on us as we left bright and early. Everything was going smoothly while we spoke, laughed and I pestered mr.muzzylim to tell me where he was taking me. And then all of a sudden the roads got windy, the clouds got dark, it started pouring and conversations were reduced to IthinkIamgoingtopuke, howmuchlonger, willyoustillovemeifipukeinthecar?…

There is a happy ending to this post. I promise.

We reached the place and thankfully no puke was let out, only whining and deep breathes. Anyways lets jump the gory details and move to the exciting bit..Zip Lining was one helluva experience. Add it to your life list folks. It’s that good!! Oh and try ziplining together. Strapped together zipping through the trees is a must for every marriage. We felt like a muslim version of Tarzan and Jane!

Here are some pics from that day.

All strapped up and ready to go!

mr.muzzylim wouldn’t let go of the cable. I keed I keed.

The End



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