Half a Banana

My parents are visiting us. Which is always a blast. Lots of spicy food is cooked and consumed.

One of the things that invariably happens once you get married is that you begin to see your parents through your spouses eyes. Usually noticing the quirks you’ve stopped noticing completely. My father has a lot of those quirks.

One of those is his inability to eat a whole banana. Regardless of how small it is he will only eat half. I never really thought about this – chalking it up to eccentricity. Last night we were chatting when we brought up this habit of his.

It was then that he said that the reason he never finished a banana was that when they got married, 31 years ago, he noticed that my mother didn’t eat a lot of fruit. So he made it a point to take a banana after dinner every night and eat half and give her the other half.

The convenience of the banana’s perfect packaging and ability to share it with my mother is something I’ve seen him do hundreds of times. It never occurred to me that it was something he started as a small gesture of love for my mother. 🙂

-Mr. Muzzylim


9 thoughts on “Half a Banana

  1. Mrs. Muzzylim! Thank you for posting such an uplifting and heartfelt story. It really made my day! I will never look at bananas the same way again 🙂 I hope you are doing well.

  2. @bhaiyya yea he’s quick on his feet. plus we both know that these are there’s an element of romanticizing of all the hard work of marriage in a post like this. But it’s vut the Public vants yaar 😉

    but really do believe that one key to a fulfilled marriage is about noticing what your spouse does for you reflexively.

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