This would be my Patronus:

– Mr. Muzzylim.

Will let Mrs. Muzzylim upload hers below ;). But I think I might know what it is.

Update: Mrs. Muzzylim’s Patronus is a dreamy Frenchman with a knife:

Of course it’s Eric Ripert of “le bernardin”. A chef with an accent as thick and indulgent as most of his sauces.

Easily one of the best meals we’ve ever had was at le bernardin. My only warning is that going there may ruin food elsewhere – anywhere.

You know that scene in Contact when Jodie Foster sees the infinite beauty of space and gasps “Should’ve…. sent… a poet!”? Yep that’s what happens when you eat Ripert’s food. Will upload pictures in the next post. (Yes – we were that couple who were sneaking pictures in a fine dining restaurant and sharing food).

-Mr. Muzzylim


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