Marriage Brand Management 101

We all know that marriage takes work. But how often have you heard someone say:

“But they’re supposed to be in the Honeymoon Period???”

Let me clarify that myth. There is NO Honeymoon. Sure there are fun things about the early days. (Wow I really do have new and interesting insight about Neverending Story and Electric Company! Thanks for loving that about me!) But there are some darn tough things too. (Wait what do you mean by these eggs are delicious??? You hate them don’t you?!)

A wee bit into our marriage I realized that never changes. You’ll always have some things that take a little effort – and some things that’s are thankfully effortless. Whether you’ve been married a day or a decade.

So I implore you – those of you that have unmarried siblings, friends or bystanders that you hear say things like “aren’t the early days supposed to be easy?!?” – tell them sure. But it’s also supposed to be work at the same time.

If you get married expecting not to be challenged, to be pushed – you’re not expecting the right things.

But by the same token – you’ll be shocked at how easy some things you expected to be difficult just disappear into the ether (I could never share a bathroom or I can’t be one of those people that spends hours in the kitchen etc. etc.).

So maybe what I think you should advocate to people not in to know – the Honeymoon Period never ends!

If you look at things the right way.


8 thoughts on “Marriage Brand Management 101

    • We did! Well the abridged version.
      I always found it funny that people invested so much time and energy in studying to be better at their jobs/careers but never thought to study on how to be better spouses.
      Books like that are definitely a good away to start. At least to figure out what kind of spouse YOU are and quirks you have.

      Hope you is well SMH!

  1. yes nearly 9 years into a marriage and I can say with some hard earned authority( ahem) that you are absolutely right… the Honeymoon Period Never Ends… If you look at things the “right” way. πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad we got the 9 year seal of approval :-P.
      I’ve seen your pictures of Boston/Camping/India Day parade. You guys are definitely still in the Honeymoon period – even with two kids in tow! πŸ™‚

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