Drum Rolls

Introducing The Ravenna!

Though I swore not to get caught up in the UGG’s trap I have to admit I have been successfully seduced by the ravenna. They were unlike so many other boots that I had tried on, the tall riding boots I felt were too flat and didn’t look pretty, the other dressier boots were difficult to put on and take off, Mr. Muzzylim had to help peel the boots off, some had a weird zipper on the side, some pinched the ankle. Finally when Mr.Muzzylim grabbed me these to try on I was hesitant at first but loved them the minute I put my feet in to them…not only were they comfortable and easy to walk in but also fit my dream boots slot. Although they are way out of my price range collecting for these lookers doesn’t seem too bad an idea. 🙂

Update: Mr.Muzzylim surprised me by gifting me the dreamy pair in stout and my are they gorgeous!!! I pranced around the house wearing them and even contemplated sleeping in them…but Mr.Muzzylim convinced me otherwise. Will update you guys on how the UGG’s hold up in the coming months 🙂


2 thoughts on “Drooollll

  1. oooooooh sarah i just lurve these boots! i love the simplicity of the design-i hate the over the top buckles and embellishments….
    if the “going bk home and boots not practical” thing wasnt there i would have bought soooooo many! 🙂

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