Happy Birthday to my home of 19 years

Though visiting U.A.E last year in December 2010 with Mr.muzzylim as a married woman was quite unreal, I did love each and every moment of our visit. Here’s a little trip down the memory lane and paying tribute to a country now celebrating 40 years on 2nd December 2011. Here’s to U.A.E.

Photographs courtesy Mr.Muzzylim, Nabil Fahim and me.


Replacing this


I have been listening to Kolaveri on the loop for a week now, humming it, dancing to it and changing lyrics to make my own version, there is nothing wrong with that but I decided to give it a break and replace it with my former song addiction.

Moral of the post- I am still an addict relapsing to a previous song addiction. #FAIL.